The only game warden training course of its kind

My vision for this course evolved over time while I was completing hundreds of hours of interview and interrogation training during my career as a conservation officer in Illinois.  Even though my instructors, who came mostly from the police, sociology and psychology disciplines definitely made me a better communicator, for me there was always a noticeable block of instruction that was absent i.e. practical game warden application.  This instructional gap was not unusual because such teaching really could only come from a person who was actually in the game warden “communications” trenches.  An officer who related directly to the game warden’s day-to-day interactions with the public and could bring those experiences into the classroom; an instructor who intelligently understood the difficulty getting confessions involving no guilt violations – wildlife crime.

For years I searched for such a class and inPicture2structor eventually learning that an interview and interrogation course devoted solely for conservation officers was not available anywhere.  I knew if I was to advance my skills, if I was to get that missing game warden instructional prong to the interview and interrogation process, the next logical move would be to create the course myself.  My thinking was that by researching and then presenting the material I too would improve just as much as the class members, which is exactly what happened.  So from scratch in 1989, I conceived, developed and implemented (which still exists today) a four-day recruit and in-service interview and interrogation program for my agency The Illinois Conservation Police.  Every Illinois officer attended this course with follow-up practical interrogation courses offered for those who wished to improve their interrogation and persuasion abilities even further.  As other states learned of the course(s), I began presenting for them and to date I have had the pleasure of training thousands of our colleagues from Canada to Louisiana to Virginia to Alaska in scientifically-based communications that are directly tied to conservation law enforcement.

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I hope to see you in the classroom…………Jeff